Steely Dan / Greatest Hits

Well it’s been a strange journey from here, to here, to the record you see before you now (with a big dose of fuzzy childhood nostalgia thrown in). They were asking £3 for this in the Fishponds branch of Cancer Research, which would usually be a bit steep for my tastes, but it is a double vinyl, gatefold sleeve, in beautiful condition, and I have been desperate for a good Steely Dan collection and basically I wasn’t leaving the shop without it!

Inevitably, I guess I’ll start finding and exploring the original albums (ie “Can’t Buy A Thrill”, “Pretzel Logic”) and then move on to bloody Donald Fagen solo records. It’s a slippery slope…

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  1. I love Steely Dan, however, with the exception of Katy Lied and maybe the first album, I find the Dan records very patchy. This album, though, is all killer. Get the companion piece, Steely Dan Gold (similar cover, no overlap, a non-LP cut, the good song from Gaucho), and be done with it.

    And to hell with the ugly mid-80s best of with the woman wearing stupid round sunglasses on the cover.

    Speaking of fuzzy childhood nostalgia, for a few years, my good friend Paul and I had a standing arrangement: we would buy each other a double LP to cover both our birthdays and Christmas. In this way I got Original Musiquarium, the Wall and the present album. All of which I still own. I can’t remember what I got him.

  2. Oh, Aja’s very good as well, but if you’ve got the two comps, that pretty much covers that.

  3. Aha (or should that be Aja), so we have two things in common: I love Steely Dan, and I live in Fishponds!

    I’ve turned up some good stuff in that Cancer Research branch. Got The Jimmy Castor Bunch Just Begun album there for £2 at the beginning of the year. VERY happy with that and featured it on my blog. They go mad with the prices for well known stuff like the Stones and Dusty but there are bargains to be had.

    (No disrespect) bur don’t listen to princeasbo. Early Steely Dan is all essential: Thrill, Ecstasy, Logic. Aja and Gaucho too. Still have my albums from back in the day. The 1st three would probably all have to come with me to the desert island.
    Not sure why they bothered to reform though – all a bit bland now.

  4. thanks for the advice darcy. i’ll look out for you next time i’m loitering on fishponds high street (i actually live in Downend – but the pickings are usually pretty meagre on my local high street!)

    i’ve added you to the blogroll.

    and don’t worry, i never listen to anything princerasbo sez!

  5. Harumph.

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