Josh White – Empty Bed Blues

A sleeve courtesy Pye’s budget label Golden Guinea (later Marble Arch) to set Tracy Emin’s pulse racing; bought from a charity stall at the big Ashford Bootfair just off the M20.  Co-incidentally, Mojo Magazine features folk troubadour White, et. al, in a cover story about Elektra Records in the November 2010 ish (note the old style Elektra logo in the Lp’s upper left hand corner).  I have heard White before, so I know what he sounds like (bit folky and smooth like Terry Callier) but I haven’t played this record yet because, as of Friday, MY FREAKIN’ TURNTABLE IS OUT OF COMMISSION!!!!!!  AND DURING HALF TERM, NO LESS!!!!!!

Rest assured that I will be ordering a new stylus today.  In the meantime I will somehow have to cope, summoning all my strength of character and laboriously trawling the 600 or so CDs I keep on hand for just such emergencies.

Boy, I can really sympathise with those Chilean miners now.

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  1. I’m a big fan of his daughter, Judy White. Released a couple of THE greatest soul singles on Buddah & TNeck in the 60s. Judy led me to Josh and have bought a couple of his compilation albums this year. He’s a bit hit and miss I find. Nice cover on your find, must look out for it.
    You have to say both are fairly obscure artists but earlier this year by a very strange coincidence I bought an album of Josh’s and then a few minutes later on a different stall at the same boot sale a single of Judy’s!! (a duet with Rudolph Isley, I had been after it for ages – a completeist thing really). Things like that really make this vinyl obsession worthwhile.

    PS you should try harder with Steely Dan 🙂

    • I’ve listened to Steely Dan for years and am critical enough to know the difference between genius like “Deacon Blues” and rote work like “The Caves of Altimara”. Yes, there’s plenty of the former, but enough of the latter (esp. on Gaucho) to make me stand by my original assertion that Becker/Fagin records are, with exceptions, “patchy”.

  2. Funny thing – just found that myself today, in the local junk shop – for £3 and in mint condition. Unlike you, however, I can play it! Heh-heh…

  3. Actually, as of 6:30pm today, I am back in the vinyl playing business. Just as well, there was a serious log jam developing!

    Robin, was it the Electra version or the Pye one?

  4. Elektra. I haven’t played it because another find, Stan Getz’ ‘Another World’ took precedence. That was £3 too.

  5. My brother & sister-n-law are friends of Josh Jr. He used to tour the USA playing colleges & universities. I thought this would be a nice download to give them, Josh has been doing an off B’way musical based on his father’s life. Seems that you link is no longer effective, would please check it, I would like to hear it my self.

  6. Sorry Gregg, there is no musical download associated with this particular entry. If that’s what you’re asking, that is.

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