Can’t Start Dancin’ – Stiff Sounds

At first glance, another 70s K-Tel compilation cover.  Closer inspection however reveals this to be a clever pastiche, complete with period detail, from the jokers at Stiff Records.   The attention to the style verities of the genre (the typefaces, those circles of the recording artistes launched from the vanishing point on the horizon line), not to mention liner note pisstakery (“To ensure the highest quality reproduction it is usual to take the album out of its sleeve” and “This exciting LP is not available on cassette, 8 track or anywhere else”), reveals a label in love with the jape.

For all the self-conscious humility (in the title, for starters), the music is mostly tired pub rock; a bizzarre peak of sorts is the heretofore unremarked Jona Lewie whose combination of dischord and pop is far less than the sum of its doesn’t-quite-fit-together parts, as if Lewie recorded the song with whatever instruments were at hand.

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  1. Quite topical as Mr Lewie currently experiencing a mini revival with his synthpop classic ‘you’ll always find me in the kithen at parties’ soundtracking latest Ikea advert. Spot Jona’s cameo appearence too.!

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