Barbra Streisand And Other Musical Instruments

Further to the Macs’ comments, I would agree about including Barbra Streisand on the most seen list, but that I would add her post-1980 records as well.

Yesterday, however, was the first time I’d ever seen this gem in a thrift store;  maybe because I’ve actually been looking for since Mojo rated it one of the “50 Most Out There Albums of All Time… that will fry your brain”*.  The repetoire itself is typical crooner fare (“I Got Rhythm”,  “Second Hand Rose”) from Streisand’s titular 1973 TV spectacular, the out there bit comes from both the arrangements which feature not only all manner of outernational instrumentation but, on the finale, all manner of what can best be described as kitchenalia and Babs herself who sings one song literally dangling from a rope and another talking to herself through delay pedals.  Even the liner notes use words like purlieus and hoodwinking and garbed.

As mentioned previously, I’m unable to describe the music at present, but I will report back when the situation has been resolved (it turns out I need the whole new cartridge–feck!).

*The Find It footer at the bottom of Mojo’s BSAOMI blurb says the records is available on “Columbia CD (and charity shops everywhere)”.

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  1. You’ve stumped me there. I’ve never seen this LP before.

    Also your comment reminded me about quite a few BS post 1980 albums I found up near Sun City, AZ. The only redeeming feature of that record hunt was finding 101 String’s tribute to Elvis!

  2. With my turntable working I had a go on this record the night before. Barbra is, of course, in fine voice and the record is genuinely odd-a clash of the avant garde and the borcht belt, if you will. Not mind-blowingly odd perhaps, but certainly odd in a let’s- try-to-be-au-courant-but-it-turns-out-misguided way.

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