Should Charity Shops Charge Record Shop Prices?

For selfish reasons, my answer would be no.  However, beyond my almost pathalogical need to buy cheap, I have been increasingly irritated by the poor scholarship of some charity shops, especially Oxfam, who charge “book value” for vinyl that’s less than mint/ex or, more likely, charge £4.99 for some old tat you could have for a pound at a boot fair.  It’s like the pricer looks on Discogs and has a punt with the maximum without regard to condish.  Ultimately, it doesn’t help the charity as any self-respecting crate digger won’t be suckered by such shenanigans and, frankly, I don’t think they could get away with it on ebay/Discogs. Price it to move I say.

Perhaps I’m just bitter having today been denied an Aretha Now in good condition that was was too rich for my blood at £7.99, and maybe I’m simply wrong/mean and charity shop collectible records do sell.

Anyway, I’m interested to hear what others, particularly anyone who works in a thrift store, have to say.

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  1. i wanna see 50p a disc regardless of rarity/condition. better still, ‘4 for a pound’, like in Kingswood Age Concern. if i wanted to pay record shop prices i’d go to a record shop or ebay or whatever.

  2. My local is 0.50 pence per disc regardless of what it is (they have no idea what they are selling) – I never set foot in Oxfam as they pay people to price-up discs and a huge chunk of the cost is going to salaries ….. best stick to the volunteer run places I say !!

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