Led Zep II


The charity shop where I bought this was trying to flog a tatty copy of Rubber Soul for £40! (and why would I wanna buy that when I can now buy the tracks for 99p each on itunes, eh?? – Macca and co. need your money!! Please buy the whole back catalogue in MP3 format now, before the copyright expires and all surviving Beatles and widows are reduced to paupers!!)

Anyway, I was really pleased to get this near-immaculate copy of Led Zeppelin II for 99p. It’s definitely not a first edition, but I suspect it is an early 70’s pressing, with lovely gatefold.


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  1. Staple Hill pdsa by any chance?
    Used to get some good ones there and then evidently somebody
    started pricing their records.

  2. good guess! yeah i remember when they were all 49p in there. shame..

  3. Is the cover dull, textured cardboard or thin and shiny? Latter is earlier issue.

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