Daryl Hall and John Oats – I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)

No Arthur Baker-style pneumatics to be heard on this subtle extended remix by Robert Wright.

Note how scruffy white buc’d Hall asserts his dominance on the pastels galore sleeve by means of a vertical leap, thereby making the already titchy, Cuban-heeled Oats appear even more elfin.

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  1. 🙂

  2. thought i’d respond to this one whilst browsing through the thrifty vinyl back-catalogue so to speak…

    i remember in the early 80’s the beeb giving their man in new york (the odious jonathan king) an opportunity to show us brits what we’d been missing as far as the american chart scene was concerned (amazingly up til then there were many US acts that were housegold names over there but didn’t mean a thing over here).

    among those showcased were hall and oates (who had once managed a small hit here before heading back to obscurity) with this fantastic radio-and-dancefloor-friendly track (featuring an-unusual-for-the-time electronic rhythm that still holds up today). the best bit for me was the outro with vocal ad-libs (is there more of that on this extended version?)

    after that i followed them for a while with interest as they capitalised on the consequent UK success of ICGFT (they seemed to appear on “the tube” virtually every week at one point!), but they never again released anything remotely as good, bottoming out with a track that epitomised everything bad about 80’s music (i.e. ludicrous over-production with huge gated snare failing to mask the lack of noticeable tune) “method of modern love” – that really was a case of “i can’t go for that” ha ha…

    in addition to being a great blue-eyed soul singer, daryl hall was a bit of a god to boot with his tall blond-haired good looks, so i always found it mystifying why he needed the company of the saturnine pint-sized wet-permed village-people-tashed john oates (the andrew ridgley of h&o?)… although when daryl did finally ditch his partner for a solo career he found he couldn’t give his records away!

    • I don’t know that much about H&O, but I think the Ridgley tag is a bit harsh; Oats wrote and was a key instrumentalist. Though “saturnine pint-sized wet-permed village-people-tashed” seems fairly spot on.

      After the two chaz shop H&O 12″s, as much as I enjoy them, I don’t think I’ll be investing in any more. Ekolad on the other hand…

  3. yes, maybe dismissing john oates as a “ridgeley” is a tad cruel (although i’m not being entirely serious here) – i’m sure if they had both been part of a band rather than a duo, their disparity would not have been so evident… and don’t forget that andrew ridgeley (allegedly) co-wrote “careless whisper” ha ha!

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