Lennon and McCartney Tijuana Style – The Torero Band

“It’s a long way from the fogs of Merseyside to the blazing sun of Tijuana,” announces the liner notes to this bit of musical enjambment and hardy thrift store perennial from 1969. Odd it took me so long to get it. There’s no Wiki site for the Torero Band, so I can offer no background info on the 60s/70s ‘mariachi’ phenom or their Fabs cash-in (“from the ‘Yeah-Yeah’ days…right up to the subtler sounds of the present-day Beatles.”).  Suffice to say that the sound, despite parping of horn and donging of marimba, is more swingin’ easy listenin’ than Mexican street band; it is certainly well engineered though the relentlessly cheery syncopation palls after a while. Please to note that all songs are either Paul’s or “eyeball to eyeball” John/Paul co-writes. Still and all, nice to have a little heat from the southern Cali/northern Mexico border while we’re snowed under.

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  1. ah yes, i have this one too, of course. as you say, it is one of the more well arranged/engineered of the many tijuana bandwagon records out there.
    nice to see you’re finally succumbing to a bit of MFP love 😀

  2. As I’ve said, I will make exceptions to my no-budget-labels rule, e.g. for the Beatles or the Swingle Singers.

  3. have had a copy of this album for years,its a nice album ,but not as good as the toreo band’s tijuana nursery rhymes album

  4. […] who reaps the cover version bonanza. But this isn’t a typical Beatles covers album. Not a Toreo Band-style rip-off, but a subtle, serious (even as it is playful) and mostly successful transposition of […]

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