Atmosphere – Adelbert von Deyen

On this album, von Deyen plays an ARP Odyssey and sequencer, a Micromoog, Farfisa organ and Stringorchestra, as well as electric piano and electric guitar.  I suspect this is highly rated by those of an Tuetonic electronica bent, but I find von Deyen’s focus on mid-range frequencies and tone washes, nevermind an eccentric white noise mix, makes his music quite oppressive. Not an atmosphere one would want to breathe in too much of.

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  1. this looks like one of those many records i’ve found over the years with a salivatingly lush kit-list, which turns out to be a bit of a let down. but i’m sure i would’ve bought it too, had i come across it.

  2. Just to add to the review of Adelbert von Deyen’s Atmosphere, I personally think that this album is worth getting for the first track ‘Timemachine’ which has a curiously modern feel in my opinion and doesnt really sound like anything that was around circa 1980…what one imagines a jam between Suicide & Neu! may sound like…having said that I must agree with the original review that some more emphasis on the low and high frequencies would have been welcome

    …and yes I must admit, I am one for German kosmische and weird teutonic beats so in that sense the reviewer is spot on…

    • I think the first track is the best on the album and if von Deyen had gone further down that motorik route, I would have enjoyed it much more.

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