George Harrison – Got My Mind Set On You (extended version) 12″

Hari GeorgesonNot too many people braving the cold at Ashford Bootfair this morning, but the trip was made worthwhile with the purchase of a bootleg NYC hip hop mix CD and the present item for a pound. When George came to re-issue All Things Must Pass shortly before he passed, he claims to have been sorely tempted to re-mix his magnum opus and scale it back to something less Wagnerian.  He resisted that temptation as he surely must have done for the 12″ mix of his enormously popular bouncy overproduced comeback single from 1987.  Hari didn’t have a lot to work with, given the slightness of the original tune (basically two half verses and a chorus) and so it goes; the acoustic guitars are a likkle more pronounced, an intro edit of the guitar solo opens the track and a previously-unheard-amongst-all-the-clatter rockabilly breakdown intrudes three-quarters of the way through.

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  1. some of those so-say ’80s 12″ extended mixes were very very dodgy. and when the original tune was very dodgy in the first place (as was the case here) you end up with a product of supreme dodginess. but i’m sure you’re pleased to have this on the shelf alongside other rarely played items from george like ‘electronic sound’. ach, the curse of the beatles completest.

  2. For all my well documented love of things Fab, I’ve never found George a great lead vocalist; sure, throw him a couple bones per album, but make sure he’s adding some excellent backing vox (his real forte).

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