Son of Gutbucket (Liberty LBX 4) – Various Artists

A solid collection of mainly British post-psychedelic folk and blues and follow-up to the Gutbucket compilation from a time when people were about “keepin’ it real”, “movin’ back to our roots” and “gettin’ our heads together” by “goin’ up country”.  Son of Gutbucket contrasts interestingly with the more Rhythm & Blues take on American roots music found on this pre-psych collection. There’s nonetheless more than a whiff of prog in both T.I.M.E.’s “Preparation G” and “Walking Down Their Outlook” by High Tide.

back cover of Gutbucket

There are lots of recognisable names among the credits for the sharp-eyed liner note reader. Especially one with the magnifying function on.

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  1. I’ve listened again to both the earlier R&B album on Decca and the Liberty Gutbucket collection: And the two records seem to absolutely epitomise the transformation from “rock ‘n’ roll” to “rock”. The former is tightly arranged club-based dance music while the latter is looser and suited to home listening (these were “productions” after all) or perhaps marihuana-enhanced concert enjoyment.

    I make no value judgements on either style, it’s just interesting.

  2. I’m hoping to someday find a copy of Gutbucket, and Son of Gutbucket on vinyl for my own. I haven;t been having any such luck naling any down.

    • I’ve seen another bootfair copy of Son of… subsequent to the purchase of this one, so I think you’re in with a good shot. 🙂

  3. Jack, just bought 2 good as new LP’s from Ebay. Both Gutbucket and Son of Gutbucket. Just a few £ each.

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