Kassidy – The Oh Crap A Lisp (Lordi Parody CD-R)

Before anyone reminds me that the name of this blog presupposes that all musical content discussed herein should be found on 12″, 10″ or 7″ vinyl records, I would point out that this rule has been broken a couple times when it serves a useful purpose.

Well, I’m not sure this constitutes “useful” or not, but I felt compelled to write about this particularly odd CD-R.   Lordi, for those out the know, are a heavy metal band from Finland who won the Eurovision Song Constest in 2006.  More than you could possibly want to know is here.

For those readers old enough to listen to Radio 4, the closest comparison I could make with The Oh Crap A Lisp is the work of The Now Show‘s Mitch Benn.  Indeed, the genesis of the Lisp project came through Iain Lee’s LBC radio show.  Kassidy, for all the lyrical joking and extensive liner note fun, seems to take what he’s doing very seriously.  There’s an impressive list of of the instruments used including the mics. He’s provided a website for commentary on individual songs. Why, there’s even a biography of the artist written in the third person: “There was a general consensus ’round the beginning of the thirteenth century [sic] that there were far too many sane people in this world, and as a consequence Kass came into existence.”  As for the content, well, perhaps I would find these more amusing if I was familiar with/actually liked Lordi or if the music itself was more interesting and better sung.

One of the score or so thanked in the extensive liner notes was UKLFC (Kerry) who presumably donated her copy to the Ashford bootfair where I paid 50 pee for it on the same day I got the George Harrison 12″ below.

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  1. the personal message presumably a paraphrase of ‘smoke me a kipper, i’ll be back for breakfast’, catchphrase of the ‘heroic’ alternative universe version of arnold j. rimmer of Red Dwarf fame…

    so we’re doing cd-rs now? right, fine. i’m gonna post my telstar jungle cassette double pack next…

  2. What have I done?

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