Peter Hammill – Chameleon In the Shadows of the Night

Grandfather:  What’s that you’re listenin’ to?

Grandson: Some old record I got from the used record store. It’s like from four years ago.  It’s called Who Needs Action When You Got Words by Plan B.

Grandfather:   Hmmm, back in my day, we listened to proper albums by album oriented artists like Chameleon in the Shadow of the Night by Pete Hammill.

Grandson (playing along): Oh, what are some of the songs?

Grandfather: Well, there’s “German Overalls”, “Slender Threads” and, uh, “Rock and Role”.

Grandson: Neat. How would you describe it?

Grandfather (absolutely hooked): It’s really dramatic, acoustic 12-string guitar driven singer-songwriter prog rock.  Pissing off the same cloud as Space Oddity or Aqualung.

Grandson (beginning to reel the old man in):  Cool.  What are some of the “prog” instruments they play?

Grandfather (still lapping it up):  Jesus, they play “tesseraschizoid warbling,” “screams in the night,” “bomber,” “banshee,” “gothic harmonium,” loads of awesome stuff.  Would you like to hear it?

Grandson (playing his trump card): FUCK OFF, HIPPIE!

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  1. guffaw!!!!

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