Jose Feliciano – Feliciano! (RCA SF 7946)

Gorgeous original stereo copy of the first English language Lp by the Puerto Rican virtuoso guitarist. Purchased at one of my favourite chaz shops in Sandwich–they recently moved their records to waist height for ease of browsing. With a memorable, iconic sleeve, Feliciano! includes the hit cover of the Doors’ “Light My Fire” which provided an almost exact template for Will Young’s recent version. Their vocal timbres are not dissimilar. Never knowingly undersung, Feliciano spices his pleasant, unlikely pop covers with an energetic flamenco make-over, adding lush strings to endear him to AM radio fans.

Includes three Lennon-McCartney covers, two of which are instrumental.

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  1. i love getting some feliciano albums from the chazza’s – I picked up the Camden version of bag full of soul for 20p recently (his first album and one of his best)

  2. Is that one of the Spanish language ones? I know they’re highly thought of.

  3. in my experience the early feliciano albums have always been fairly common and easy to pick up cheap. sadly the later ones where he starts getting a bit funky are not so plentiful (and therefore not so easy on the pocket)…

  4. Funny enough, I went back to Sandwich today (there’s a consignment shop there my wife loves) and found this Feliciano compé-Feliciano-Encore-José-Felicianos-Finest-Performances/release/1633550 but thought better of it. No latter day funkiness or Latin American folk rock, just the famous stuff.

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