Bad Company – Straight Shooter (ILPS 9304)

So consistent were this purpose-built, no-nonsense 70s hard rock band featuring the formidable pipes of Free’s Paul Rogers that their best-of album, the very good 10 From 6, sounds as much of a piece as their the regular Lps and isn’t padded with obvious filler as is Straight Shooter. Another Hipgnosis sleeve.

At the dawning of the digital age, I remember marvelling at the clarity and immediacy of sound coming from the CD player as it’s huge speakers issued 10 From 6 to the front patio of the Out-R-Inn just off High Street on the Ohio State University campus; a watershed moment in a previously dogmatic denial of all things compact disc. Sorry, is that heresy on this site?

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  1. yes, paul rogers may be a formidable singer (at least on “alright now” anyway – the only thing of his i’m overly familiar with), but one thing he is not is freddie mercury…

    so whatever possessed may and taylor to replace freddie with a man who is his antithesis? unlike mercury, rogers is very much a down-to-earth bloke, a regular guy and a man’s man. in fact a bit of a hard man – he once allegedly sparred a few rounds with a professional boxer and despite having no background or experience, by all accounts managed to hold his own (freddie may well have entered a ring or two in his time, but not in that manner ha ha).

    i’m by no means a massive fan of queen, but for me they were the ultimate rock showband (due in no small part to the electric stage presence of mercury). i’ve not heard rogers performing with the remnants (nor do i want to), but if they really couldn’t just let things lie and felt compelled to replace the unreplacable, surely they could have picked someone a bit more suited for the job?

    of course they could have done a judas priest and replaced their absent frontman with a tribute band clone (and i’m sure they wouldn’t be stuck for choice there), but sadly for reasons unknown to me they failed to hire the obvious choice: a (relatively flamboyant) gay guy who’s not doing much musically these days and has already demonstrated he’s up to the job as a mercury-alike – george michael!

  2. That was weird, hiring a blues shouter to replace a show tune belter. I suppose they wanted a man of similar vintage who wouldn’t scare away the classic rock audience.

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