Romantic Moog (1974) (Contour 2870 370)

Ah, now we’re back on more familiar Thrifty Vinyl turf: Chris Harding and Lionel Burdge’s ghastly budget label Moog vomit housed in a “romantic” sleeve that looks like nothing so much as a close-up of a couple in the throes of chocolate sauce-aided passion.

A textbook example of the Law of Unintended Consequence, somehow I don’t think this is the application Robert Moog had in mind for his eponymous Frankenstein noise maker and yet let less than a decade after its wide commercial availability, this is the kind of tosh that most proliferated. The lead lines are largely four-square, the player being hampered, I think, by his instrument’s lack of responsiveness. So form dictates that melody is performed at its most simple-minded, apart from a very adventurous 5/4 take on Bacharach & David’s “What the World Needs Now” in the middle of side two where for some reason the soloing becomes remarkably animated.  There’s some very peculiar lead guitar work, too; spurred on by the Moog’s quacking and honking our man sent his axe through a battery of rapidly turning Lesley speakers to produce something quite ga-ga.

Honestly, this couldn’t be any cheesier if it were sliced off a wheel and served on Saltines.

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  1. i have this one, natch. and yeah, as expected, its a stinker with the odd inspired moment

  2. I thought this one would bring you out of the woodwork 🙂

  3. i have this album and have to agree that it’s poor,the only thing going for it is that is is’nt as bad as the next moog album contour threw up (The Dire Great Hits Of The 70s Moog Style )

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