Sing A Song With The Beatles (Tower-KAO 5000)

My favourite-ever dream involved playing bass for the Beatles recording “Paperback Writer” and “Rain”.  I can’t remember what Macca was doing, he was definitely there, but the lads and I were ensconced in an A-frame loft with exposed beams creating Beatle magic; I think we were drinking red wine. I couldn’t believe my good fortune and radiated happiness.

This (1965?) album is decidedly not the sonic recreation of my favourite-ever dream. While the guitar playing and drumming are virtually spot on, the vocal lines are here stiltedly performed on the type of organ usually found in the hockey stadia and roller rinks of my home country.

I can, however, imagine a 1965 15-year old budding guitarist being thrilled with this one-step-above-a-tennis-racquet-in-front-of-a-mirror-wish-fulfillment Fabs product.

The cover neatly apes Capitol assemblages Beatles ’65, The Early Beatles and The Beatles Second Album without quite managing the umami of the real thing.

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    • That’s a sweet collection you’ve got there Piotr.

  1. What a coincidence, I was going to upload the songs of this album. Pardon me, I am from Nicaragua. This album was bought from an uncle of mine who used to travel to the U.S.A. in the 60s. He sold this record LP to another uncle of mine Jorge Gavarrete.
    There was a big family and friends party on Christmas Eve, that was December 24, 1967. Since then somehow, this music remained in my heart.
    Once in November 1975 at my high school, the song “love me do” was being played in a radio station and brought back my memories of the Beatles to me and that beautiful party in 1967.
    As soon I got home, I went to look for that vinyl album (it survived the 1972 Managua city earthquake that devastated the city).
    I found it and cleaned it up as much as I could, and then play it over and over, mostly on the Christmas Eve and December 31, 1975.
    Since then, I kept it as a tradition for every Christmas of my life.
    To ensure that this treasure is in a safe place, I asked my father to keep it for me in his residence, in Nicaragua.
    In 2004, I made this family historical album digital.
    And now, I am very exited to find somebody that share the joy of this album.
    Again, thank you very much,
    William Gavarrete jr.

    • Brilliant story–thanks for sharing!

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