Biddu Orchestra – Blue-Eyed Soul (Epic-EPC 80836) (1975) and “Rain Forest” b/w “Exodus” 7″

This is exactly the sort of expertly performed joylessness that television producers would soundtrack things like the Love Boat with to provide pathetic white characters with a distraction from the sure knowledge of life’s random but unceasing vortex towards moral, spiritual and, ultimately, physical emptiness.  It has the precise opposite effect on me. In a word: execrable.

At least cats, for whose benefit I exchanged a pound at Hythe’s Cat Protection charity shop, are not even dimly aware of this so-called music. Includes the hit version of “Summer of ’42”.

To make matters worse, I gave the British Heart Foundation 10p not 15 minutes prior for Biddu’s “Rain Forest” b/w “Exodus” single.

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  1. yes, i generally agree that biddu’s efforts in the soul/disco arena were lame, but he did one half-decent track “boogiethon” that is unfortunately marred by some extremely dodgy bass-playing…

    just like the previously-mentioned fleetwood mac “sara”, someone should give me the opportunity to remix and fix – sony, get in touch!

    ps – as a cat person i’m happy the pound you wasted is at least going to a good cause…

  2. In fact, I was really disappointed as, elsewhere on this board, props are given to Biddu and his orchestra so I was looking for an undiscovered gem; alas, no.

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