Reggae Steady Go 1 (Rhino RHIN-4)

Trading on the good name of the like-titled early 70s U.K. Rhino collections while apparently trying to appeal to nascent B-Boys at the same time, these cheap ‘n’ cheerful mid-80s reggae comps come with plenty of well-worn classics (“Israelites”, “Love of the Common People”, etc.), a bit of Lovers Rock for the ladies (“Am I the Same Girl?”, “Girly Girly”, etc.), a smattering of Dee Jay for the Rudies (“Come Back Charlie”, “Kool and Deadly”, etc.), a couple obscurities for the obsessives (Nitty Gritty’s “Man in a House”) and some then-contemporary chunes to bring us up to date.  Two separate sleeves for albums that were, I think, originally sold as a pair.

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  1. Hi there

    I am hoping you will be able to assist me with a search that has spanned some 27 years now.

    During 1984/85 I was in the Defence Force in South Africa. A friend used to have a cassette tape that we would “chill out” to most nights. I cannot remember the title so it has made looking for it very difficult indeed. What I do remember is that I am almost certain it had the word ‘Frontline’ on the cover. I also seem to remember it had a clenched fist with barbed wire. I’m not totally sure that this was this particular tape as I used to listen to a lot of reggae back then. It was a continuous mix tape meaning there was essentially only one track on each side. It was ‘old school’ reggae – each track running into the next in a ‘medley’ format. Some of the songs included were “Love of the Common People”; Rat in my Kitchen”; “Barbados”; “Dreadlock Holiday” etc. I don’t think it was the original artists – I think one group did the entire recording but I may be wrong.

    I work as a Radio Presenter today so understand what it’s like when a listener cannot remember a song title and expects you to find it for them but finding this particular recording will be like finding gold for me. It was a very special time in my life and that particular cassette forms part of the ‘soundtrack’ to it. It could have been released in the early 80’s or somewhere in the 70’s. I do not think it was a ‘current’
    recording at the time. I am still in contact with the friend but he cannot remember what it was called or what became of it.

    Any leads will be appreciated.

    Kind Regards

  2. Gary,
    The “Front Line” name and the barbed-wire clenched fist iconography were all part of Virgin Records late 70s/early 80s reggae releases. So, for example, the Mighty Diamonds’ brilliant album Right Time was/is a Front Line record, etc. There are no Front Line/Virgin Lps with the tracks you cite; my best guess is that it was some sort of pirate copy or a personal compilation.
    Prince Asbo, himself

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