Shut Up and Dance Promo Copy Only 12″‘s

  • “Fuck the Legal Stations” b/w “I’m Not In Love” (SUAD8) – Rum & Black
  • “Dance Before the Police Come” (remix) b/w “Genesis”/”Rest In Peace” (SUAD15) – Shut Up and Dance
  • “Wipe the Needle” b/w “Juggling” (SUAD12R) – The Ragga Twins

Having had my appetite whet by the ever-entertaining Woofah and the Ragga Jungle Soul Jazz comp Rumble In the Jungle, I expected great things from these singles which were the only I recognised in a box of 90s dance 12″‘s. The Ragga’s “Juggling” is actually pretty dope: good flow, decent riddim, fonky samples–no worries.  As for the rest, well if I had 50p, instead of losing 50p, for every time I’ve been minorly disappointed in this way…okay, I’d have probably spent it on something else stupid but I’d have a lot fewer shitty records. This is a case, I think, of “ya had ta be there”  (like our friend Peverlist maybe?) to appreciate this music because while it’s in no way lame beyond redemption, the collection of influences and sounds (especially when those lush keyboard pads come in) jars to these ears without some sort of endorphin enhancement.

I will hang on to these records because I know there will be times when I’m just in the mood–I just won’t be in the mood that often.

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  1. i was there and you don’t know shit about shit, asbo. admittedly, those records do sound a little, erm, ‘rough ‘n ready’ by today’s standards. all part of their unique charm. i think…

  2. Bit harsh, Nick.

  3. well if you’re gonna diss SUAD you gotta accept the consequences, dude. national treasures, innit. there’s honour at stake here..

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