Logic – Logic System

From discogs :::

“Logic System is a musical project of Hideki Matsutake. Hideki started as an assistant for Isao Tomita in the 70’s and is well-known as the sequencer programmer and modular synthesizer operator for the Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO), but he wasn’t a member of YMO. He worked on several of their albums and toured with his huge collection of synths. He also did sequencing work for numerous technopop albums for other artists, particularily in the early 80’s.”

So what do get here ? – a classic slab of 80s Japanese electro-pop that’s what – pop-pickers.   There are some moments on here of pure arpeggiated bliss (if that is your cup-of-lfos!) …   vocoded vocal madness …. twee jap-pop ….  and drone-lushness … oh yeah – and the odd filler – but who’s complaining ….

If you like early-era electro-pop – and lets face it – who in there right mind doesn’t – then this is essential listening …  dare I say it twice in one day – CLASSIC – no shit !!

Oh yeah – almost forgot to mention – the main musicians are listed on the sleeve as – Micro Computer MC-8 (Processor 8080) and TR-808 – can’t get any better than that lets face it !!

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  1. oh my days, the farmer is totally BACK. i take it we’ll be hearing some of this in the next thrifty mix…?

    • well – need to catch up with some of the piles of stuff cluttering up the floor here – and yep – these are destined fro the mix !!

  2. judging by the pics you keep posting on facebook, i think we need to start a new spin-off blog called Thrifty Keyboards…

    • well — I have found some damn fine bargains for sure – just need to sort out a permanent studio to house it all in !

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