Funkadelic – One Nation Under a Groove Lp + 12″ (WB 56 539)

I have purchased this album now four times in the last 30 years: in 1980, I bought a drilled cassette copy; later in the decade I found it, again, in the cut out section, this time on vinyl including bonus 7″ of “Maggot Brain”; both versions were since lost; in the 90s, I bought the Priority Records CD re-issue. However, I will be giving that copy to my friend Vince since I got this original WB vinyl copy for a quid today which includes a fugging awesome DJ helping bonus 12″ of the title song and previously mentioned “Maggot”, winner of the most overplayed guitar solo ever award.

And I will make it my life’s work to read every Pedro Bell cartoon on the glorious stoner friendly gatefold. Word.

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  1. a friend of mine was very pleased when hepicked up a cheap american import parliament album (or it might have been funkadelic) back in the 70’s… he was even more pleased to discover that there was a poster that came with it. unfortunately, because imports had the corners cut-off them for some reason, when he unfolded it he found george clinton’s head had been chopped out!

    talking of imports, why was that barbaric practice of punching/notching/cutting corners of sleeves done anyway? presumably to prove that it had been processed properly… whatever the reason, the bastards obviously weren’t record collectors!

  2. Bleedin excellent find sir – have this on the shelve myself and even spun the 12 inch version at a wedding-gig last year (to much strutting as you might expect) – a quid is a uber-bargain for this one for sure !! good scratching !!

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