The Detroit Spinners (Atlantic K 40477) (1973)

Record dealers: Doncha hate ’em?

As I did the cardboard box crouch this morning, two different stall holders told me, “You should’ve been here earlier, guy scooped a bunch o’ records. Knew what he was lookin’ for. Latvian guy, apparently.” These foreigners, I don’t know, they come over here, take our jobs, our women and now our records…oh wait…forget I said that.*

Anyway, the early birds didn’t get this classy Thom Bell-produced Philly Soul worm, the Atlantic debut of the group known in the US as The Spinners.

*Casual reader irony alert.

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  1. of course, they were known as the detroit spinners over here (also the motown spinners) due to the “popular” fisherman’s-sweater sporting english folk group…

    a friend of mine who worked at my hometown theatre in his youth told me they played there once, and remarked when they did a rare gig in the US they had to be billed as the “liverpool spinners” in order not to be confused with the motown lot (i can just imagine soul fans hotfooting it to some american venue to be gently serenaded by “the world is black, the world is white, together we learn to read and write” ha ha!)

  2. History is littered with other such cross-Atlantic examples: London Suede, Charlatans UK, Mission UK, the English Beat, The Verve, etc.

  3. the english beat – that always sounded really naff! presumably they were renamed as such by either their management or american record company in a hurry, but surely they could have come up with something better than that? bearing in mind their origins i would have suggested “the brum beat”… which would have had the bonus that the americans wouldn’t have a clue what it meant ha ha!

    in the early 80’s i was playing in a band based on the south coast that (allegedly) was attracting some record company interest… i was also an avid reader of the daily music weeklies (nme, sounds, etc) at that time, and i noticed some press reports on a glaswegian band of the same name. i mentioned this to our manager who assured me “i know all about it and i’m going to take legal action to stop them using our name”…

    what happened? my band split up shortly afterwards, and our namesakes are still going today! (any guesses as to who they are?)

    oh btw, the spinners line should have been “the ink is black, the page is white”, but as i said in an earlier post i’m not much of a lyrics listener…

  4. Primal Scream?

  5. the answer’s here:

    the local rag got my band confused with theirs!

  6. Addendum: I just sold some records to Canterbury Rock this aft and got, among others, Pick of the Litter, the ’75 Spinners album, also highly regarded. Bring on the Spins.

  7. […] decent version of the song also appears on the [Detroit] Spinners‘ tepid, late period Lp From Here To Eternally, a record distinguished less by its content […]

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