Boz Scaggs – s/t (Atlantic 588205) (1969) and Silk Degrees (CBS 81193) (1976)

On Monday, I owned no Boz Scaggs records. Today I have two. By this time next year I hope to have all 365.

I got the first Lp, the smooth voiced singer’s solo debut after leaving the Steve Miller Band, in Rye yesterday for a pound. It’s a kind of gritty Southern Soul record, albeit one with commercial flashes, co-produced by Rolling Stone editor Jann Wenner and recorded at Muscle Shoals with Duane Allman on slide guitar and pedal steel–which he played in the nude (see the inside gatefold). The cover is of the matte finish/textured variety, no doubt meant to signify sepia authenticity; it’s on the plum UK Atlantic label.

Silk Degrees, had for another pound in Tenterden this a.m., couldn’t be more different. A suave, jazzy R&B affair, it plays like Steely Dan without the lyrical obscurity or perhaps a less eccentric Little Feat album. And unlike the eponymous* one, it was a hit in the States.

According to my Rolling Stone Album Guide (1992), these are the two BS to have and, even if the writers were sucking up to their boss, I can see why, both are excellent in their own ways.

*obligatory use of rock-crit speak

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  1. […] rough-looking gentleman sings of hittin’ the road like labelmate Boz or sweet baby brother James with the pronounced southern molasses accent fitting for Lp produced […]

  2. Wow! You did better than me on ‘Silk Degrees’ price wise. I picked up the eponymous debut LP in excellent condition for 50p in Ealing about 5 years ago. It is truly wonderful but got Boz in deep water over copyright of the song ‘Loan Me a Dime’. Naughty-naughty!

    • Yes, I come back to both records, but for different reasons and moods.

  3. […] Not two weeks later, I picked a companion piece at the Ashford bootfair. Alluded to in glowing terms in Edmonds’ brush off, Duane Allman – An Anthology contains a couple previously unreleased Hourglass tracks, notably a blues medley highly rated by the band, that indicate where the brothers were headed. In addition to a side’s worth of AB highlights, An Anthology also includes songs which feature Duane as sideman, such as Wilson Picket’s “Hey Jude” and Boz Scaggs’ “Lend Me a Dime”. […]

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