Paul Simon (CBS 69007) (1972)

Through careful scripting and attention, Paul Simon’s first post-Garfunkle solo album actually sounds and feels less self-conscious, more mature than S&G. Remarkably, too, proto-forays into world music, “Mother and Child Reunion” and “Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard” do not come across as patronising or contrived. These are paradoxes. Elsewhere, Simon uses unlikely words like befreinded, destituted, and misinformation and phrases them in such unexpected yet natural ways it amounts to a songwriting and performance masterclass. Acoustic guitar led, Paul’s got the likes of Hal Blaine, Airto, David Spinozza and Larry Knechtel to offer sympathetic, understated support.

Over the past year, I’ve managed to thrift all three of Paul Simon’s 70s Columbia studio Lps–I can recommend the lot.

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  1. A great album. But then I would say that it was one of the first few that I bought.

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