Peter Gabriel – Passion (RWLP1); V/A – Passion Sources (RWLP2) (1989)

About a month ago I found the Last Temptation of Christ double Lp soundtrack in Ashford and hadn’t got around to listening to it, something about being in the right mood. I had the right mood foisted on me when, a couple weeks later at the self-same boot fair, the various artists sister album of “traditional music, sources of inspiration and location recordings” turned up. Despite the titular exhortation to strong feeling, I found hard to get too worked up as I listened to these albums. No doubt made with enthusiastic care and genuine commitment to spreading the word, there’s something off-puttingly colonial about their very worthiness. Is it unfair that my prejudice is somehow restricting potential enjoyment? I will take time to see if I get over this, but it’s possible that these well-produced, well-played, handsome albums simply weren’t made for me, that I require my so-called world music a little more old-school rough and ready in the same way that I’d rather listen to the punk rock of the Stooges than, say, Rancid.

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  1. have you checked out the SACD?

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