The Stars Sing Lennon & McCartney (MFP5175) (1967)

Heaven forbid anyone should listen to music unironically, so here’s 59 penn’orth of MFP cheese-tastic ’63/’64* Beatles cast-offs and low hopers that still managed, despite the apparent insanity of the Fourmost and literally rhyming “June light” to “moonlight”, to be hits. The particular appeal of this record to the Beatles fanatic however is the preponderance of L&M songs not commercially available by the band during its lifetime: “Bad To Me”, “I’ll Be On My Way” and “I’ll Keep You Satisfied” by Billy J. Kramer, “I Don’t Want To See You Again”, “World Without Love” and “Nobody I Know” by Peter & Gordon, and “Hello Little Girl” and “I’m In Love” by the Fourmost.

All I need is a Volume 2 with Billy J. Kramer’s “From A Window”, Peter & Gordon’s “Woman”, Applejack’s “Like Dreamers Do”, P.J. Proby’s “That Means A Lot”, The Strangers’ “One and One is Two”, Tommy Quickly’s “Tip of My Tongue”, and Chris Barber’s ” Catcall” plus a few of the other floor sweepings from the lamer corners of the Fabs’ mansion for my life to have meaning. NB: I’ve already got the relevant Cilla tracks here.

For even greater cheap thrills, I wish my copy had come in this Dutch cover.

*the two exceptions are “When I’m 64” by Bernard Cribbins and “She’s Leaving Home” by David & Jonathan.

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  1. Good old MFP. That cover must have taken them an entire lunch hour to knock up. Ticks all the MFP Design Guide boxes too – shit typography and completely random selection of cover pics. Love it

  2. Yes, West, wrong on any number of counts, though Capitol can’t be said to have done much better with this similar looking George Harrison best of:

  3. haha! that’s fantastic. at least they didn’t put him at the head of a massive penis shaped space rocket or something silly like that…

  4. Of course not, Capitol has a highly paid/trained art department to avoid just such catastrophes.

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