Dionne Warwicke (sic) – Just Being Myself (WB K46186) (1973)

Solid, underrated Holland-Dozier-Dozier masterminded Lp brings out the soul in the former Bacharach muse. Only on “Don’t Let My Teardrops Bother You” does the muted brass and bittersweet feel normally associated with Warwick’s classic singles appear; and even here they’re superseded by some “I Can’t Help Myself”-style H-D-H strings. The title track is very good female empowerment of a proto-“I’m Coming Out”/”I Will Survive” stripe with a strange, yet funky intro/verse and vocal effect; if I had my act together I’d organise it for the Thrifty Vinyl–Exotic Pylon interface. Final track “Don’t Burn the Bridge” hints at the power ballad schmatz to come.

Odd that this appears on Warners when Holland-Dozier-Dozier had their own label they were busy producing minor hits for after the fallout with Motown. Odder still, the company misspells her name on the cover.

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  1. Bought this one recently. “You’re Gonna Need Me” is an absolute gem, as is “Don’t Burn The Bridge”. I’ve been going to feature it on Feel It for a while now but first need to clean up the audio a bit as it looks like a cat has danced in side 2 of my copy.

    If you got this in a chazza for next to nothing you got lucky.

  2. Does 50p count as next to nothing? 🙂

  3. actually her name was spelled correctly on this one. dionne’s psychic urged her to add an e to the end of her name (for luck) in the early 70s, so that several of her records during these years, including her number one hit with the spinners, has the last name Warwicke….she dropped the e again later, when this turned out to be her least productive (lucky) period of her career.

  4. Interesting den, I know that in America during 80s/90s Dionne schilled for the Psychic Friends Network on late night TV. I’d assumed it was purely for the Benjamin’s, but it seems she was a believer. I’m not sure which is worse.

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