Thrifty Boogie

Whilst others might take a more scholarly look at the origins of the term ‘boogie’, a quick search of this blog will reveal such gems as this, this, this, and even, erm, this. Such is the scope of our vision.

Yes, ‘Boogie’ can mean many things to many people. It means several things to me too, though my strongest affection is for that brief burst of fashionability around 1977-78, when ‘boogie’ was a catch-all term for funky-disco-pop, duly exploited and rendered virtually meaningless by the likes of Ronco on their muddled compilations of the time…

Even a ‘respectable’ label like EMI got in on the act, with this collection which features a reasonable amount of boogie-pop from the likes of Tavares, Sheila B Devotion and La Belle Epoch, some top notch tunes from Taste Of Honey and Sylvester, whilst also drifting into Marshall Hain’s “Dancing In The City”, Clout’s “Substitute”, some unexpected reggae from Matumbi and, somewhat desperately, T-Rex’s “I Love To Boogie”.

So, there you have it:  ‘Boogie’, in a nutshell.

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  1. me and my fellow funky disco chum always used to make reference to “boogieing on down” to such music (and still do, if only in an post-modernistic retro-ironic way), but despite the efforts of the jacksons, silver convention et al, we never actually referred to disco or funk (or disco-funk) as boogie…

    i recently heard that it has now become a cool “street” way of describing early 80’s dance music, which to my recollection never actually had a name given to it at the time…

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