A Taste of Honey – “Boogie Oogie Oogie” 12″ (12 CL 15988)

Shall we add further clarification to the Thrifty Vinyl definition of Boogie?

Inspired by Eko’s recent Boogie broadside, I offer this, which may very well be my favourite disco song. And for all that, I don’t want a A Taste of Honey Lp, this twelve is all I need–especially if it’s 50p at a Deal charity shop. “Boogie Oogie Oogie”‘s  got it all: awesome groove, sexy minor keyed bridge, sub-Chic bass (to which we are strongly urged listen just before the simplest of breakdowns), some funky ass clavinet and a chorus that is pure novelty nonsense, reducing everything to sensation and celebrating that reduction simultaneously. The very essence of Disco. And perhaps Boogie, too.

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  1. bloody lovely !!

  2. Those suggestive guitars are placed just so, aren’t they?

  3. looks fun. But where is the download link, please. Thanks for your good site

  4. Keith, Thrifty Vinyl does not offer verifications of our opinions through sound. It is not because we choose to hide behind a veil of silence that our thoughts are unworthy of the harsh light of public scrutiny.


    It is because…and perhaps I speak only for myself here…we can’t be arsed.

    Go to Spotify if you’d like to hear “Boogie Oogie Oogie”.

    However, if you positively insist on hearing Thrifty Vinyl-approved/purchased music, there is the excellent Fnoob – Internet Radio here: http://fnoob.com/ which allows those TV writers with the technological jiggery pokery (no, I’m not bitter) to broadcast their version of the “truth” on a more or less monthly basis.

  5. i concur with asbo not wanting to hear the (rest of the) album – i’ve never heard it myself yet i’d be surprised if there was anything that came anywhere close to “boogie oogie oogie” – sadly many funk/disco albums fron that era are merely the hit single(s) plus a few inferior rehashes and other padding such as dreary instantly-forgettable ballads.

    i splashed out a fiver (a lot of dough for a schoolboy in the late 70’s!) for the slave debut album having been blown away by the “slide” and “you and me” 45’s. unfortunately the rest of it (other than the rehash “son of slide”) was complete rubbish, and i really felt i had been conned! fortunately i was able to offload it to my friend whose standards were apparently not as high as mine (he insists he still loves “screw your wig on tite” even now) for about half what i paid for it, but it was a salutory experience and i stuck to 45’s and 12 inchers after that…

    btw, there was an odd almost identical (but not as good) cover version of “boogie oogie oogie” released by GQ a year after the taste of honey hit, on the flip of their great “disco nights rock freak)”, that was itself a rejigged re-recording of a song GQ had recorded in their previous incarnation as the rhythm makers…

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