Television’s Greatest Hits (TVT 1100) (1985)

Absolute nostalgia-fest (for Americans of a certain age anyway) of theme tunes from TV’s supposed “Golden Age” with the four sides helpfully arranged by genre: Children’s shows; sitcoms; sci-fi and westerns; action/cop shows. Cutely, it ends with the American national anthem, which used to conclude each broadcasting day back in the bad ol’ days when you couldn’t watch QVC at 2 a.m.

So hyper-catchy and evocative are these precis-nuggets of musical sound bite that if they haven’t been sampled, they will be eventually. Though ostensibly original soundtrack music, I have to say that some of them sound like re-recordings to me. Could be wrong.

So now you know that the "Donna Reed Show" aired from 1958 to 1966


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  1. Yeah I agree with you…found this a couple of days ago in charity shop and a lot of it, tho still great, sounds re-recorded to me…shame there are no decent liner notes on the album and most of tracks are way too short!

  2. Yes, WC, info on players, studios, etc. would have been good. Tho’ the gatefold graphic was pretty sweet. Anyway, I truly believe that today is a “golden age” (that phrase and those quotation marks again!) for the music collector and I think we may be spoiled in this post-Mojo excellent-scholarship-in-our-liner-notes world.

    I got this albums a few months ago and I’ve seen it since–both American pressings. Hmmm.

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