Stethoscopic Heart Record (Phillips D 999528 L)

“This record is a comprehensive study of Heart Sounds, Murmurs and Arrhythmicas.”

“The unique feature of this record is that it was produced so that it might be listened to with a stethoscope.”

“Sit comfortably with the ear pieces in place and simply hold the chest piece in your hand (one seems to hear better with one’s eyes closed).”

“Do not try to listen for too long a time.”

The liner notes of this record virtually designed for the Uncatorgorized category are full of wisdom. The record itself offers no surprises to anyone who can read the front cover. In what we call a non-regional accent, American physician George D. Geckeler identifies all manner of heartbeat defect. Pinpointing different sounds, rhythms and pitches in a dry, didactic tone, Stethoscopic Heart Record could have easily been made use of by Coldcut to spice up one of their mixes.

Having no stethoscope to hand, I listened through headphones for a good approximation.

The song (or “band”) names would not be out of place on a Ekoplekz album: “Harsh Systolic Murmur”, “Fibrulation With Premature Beats”, , “Pericardial Friction Rub”, “Another Unusual Gallop Rhythm” and my favourite, “Murmurs of Increased Intensity at Height of Inspiration”.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, I’ve never seen a record this old with grooves so clean. The second 2Lp edition came out in 1972, I don’t know exactly when this one was issued.

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