Electric Light Orchestra – “Sweet Talkin’ Woman” 12″ (JET 12-121) Purple Vinyl

Emboldened by his light sentence, Asbo posts the following:

Not a remix of “Sweet Talkin’ Woman”, but a straight cop of the Lp version, so I will instead concentrate on the sleeve which depicts ELO’s Out of the Blue tour stage, a 50 ft., £100,000 fibreglass spaceship. The brainchild of bully/manager Don Arden, ’twas given the sobriquet “Big Hamburger” by cellist Hugh McDowell. Can’t think why.

“The thing was a pain,” says bassist Kelly Groucutt. “The sound bounced all over it. There were 500 lights suspended above our heads. If anything had gone wrong we’d have been in total trouble. Underneath were all the risers that lifted up to the stage, each one on separate hydraulic lifts. Quite a few times they’d go wrong. Richard often started the show partly submerged. On one occasion, Jeff and I stepped off ours and I turned round to see that Hugh’s riser was still stuck. As I watch, this cello flew our of the hole and landed in a heap on the stage, and Hugh came clambering out cussing. The audience were killing themselves.”

Jeff Lynne also has fond memories: “I used to nip out the back and stand in the crowd and watch the spaceship close at the end.  All this smoke bellowing out and that enormous rumble from the woofers. It went down better than us.”

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