Wayne Smith/Prince Jammy – Greensleeves Disco 45s

A couple of totally spectacular 12″ singles from the dawn of digital dancehall. Prince Jammy’s ‘Sleng Teng’ riddum basically ushered in a new era in Jamaican music, and although the follow-up collaboration with Wayne Smith, ‘Ickie All Over’, doesn’t quite hit the same heights, its still a nifty tune, with an alternative vocal version by Tonto Irie on the flip (entitled ‘Life Story’), and some sweet dub instrumentals too. I think its quite collectible. Shame it doesn’t have an original Greensleeves bag as well, but you can’t have everything.

Edit: Just seen a little article on the Sleng Teng riddim over at The Guardian. Truly an historic recording!

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  1. this is a really tenuous anecdote that only relates to the name of the record label (sorry!)…

    a while back, the choir that i sing in was putting on a medieval music concert – when it came to the dress code, as is their way the ladies were furiously debating whether they should wear long sleeves or short sleeves… i suggested to them that bearing in mind the nature of the gig, the obvious answer to their conundrum was “greensleeves” ha ha!

  2. Staple Hill Red Cross I’m guessing? That is a spectacular result. I have never found anything in there. Just goes to show you have to keep going in and sometimes you strike lucky. If it was Staple Hill I’m really kicking myself because I was there Sat morning getting some crickets for the gecko, but passed on the chazzas because a) I’d been in them all only a few days previsous and b) I wanted to get to the Whitchurch car boot (which was a complete waste of time!).

    Judging by Popsike the “Ickie” should get you at least £25 all day long on ebay.

  3. yep, staple hill red cross. no one could’ve been more surprised than me. the records had literally arrived just that morning and, after i’d made my initial selection, the girl behind the counter gestured to another pile behind the till that hadn’t yet been placed in the crate and invited me to help myself to any further nuggets. twas a pleasure.

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