Paul McCartney – McCartney II (1980)

I bought this album when it came out despite Rolling Stone‘s contemporary scathing review, the headline of which was “McCartney Hits a New Low…Again”. In fact, the album, which was largely made up of what I call Sir Spiggy’s “Pot Noodles” (i.e. the product of reefer-addled hubris) and not created, at least initially, for public consumption, has worn, with exceptions (“Bogey Music”), rather well. In due course, I lost my original copy of the Lp (though not, oddly enough, the one-sided, white label “Coming Up (live in Glasgow)” single that came with the initial US pressings), but was so enamoured of it when I re-got it a month ago at the Etchinghill bootfair that I picked this up as well. Though ostensibly not an official release, I sense the heavy hand of contrivance–the tie-in with the soon-come “Deluxe” re-issue being suggestive.

Rumour had it at the time that the four photograph gatefold was some sort of Beatles goof, but the only ones that come close to sense are Ringo (the photo with the ring) and John (in trademark “granny glasses”). So then what are we to make of  the borderline racist “Oriental” picture–a dig George’s fascination with Eastern Mysticism? A Yoko jibe?

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