The New Petula Clark Album (Pye NPL 18118) (1965)

Pet is no Dionne let alone Dusty, her phrasing can be pretty four-square and her tone can lean towards the pinched. A patently spurious title for a disc over 45 years old, the record under consideration (purchased today on the green in Hythe for 50p), is proficient, likeable enough and contains a couple kernels of goodness, e.g. “Heart”, but this is basically goosed-up crooner music designed to make an older generation comfortable with rock ‘n’ roll and I simply can’t get worked up about it.

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  1. Is there a possibility to download this album. I suppose not! Some minor information. By the way. This is a re-release of the album ‘I Know A Place’.

  2. Sorry Ron, no download available. Which reminds me, I must get my act together and assemble a “Thrifty Pylon” mix!

    So, not only is this “new” album 46 years old, it was a re-issue to start with–holy false advertising Batman!

  3. yes, pet’s success is a bit of a mystery really – not only nothing special vocal-wise, but also nothing special to look at either… it must be down to having tony hatch as her MD at her peak!

    has anyone else heard her dreadful (not to mention totally inappropriate) disco version of 10cc’s “i’m not in love” – check it out along with a very similar interpretation by one edwina rigby (wonder where she got the inspiration for that name from?) – a better singer btw which shows talent alone guarantees nothing in this game::

    shame whoever out it on didn’t do a proper mix/segue!

  4. That was rotten Wilber. Thank you. 🙂

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