Television – Prove It/Venus (12 inch, green vinyl)

Good day car booting in Yeovil yesterday – resulting in a pile of Prog/funk and this green monster of a disc from 1977.  Television were/are one of my favorite bands from this period by far – and if you have not already worn out a copy of Marquee Moon – then man what’s wrong with yah.  This disc brings 2 tracks from that LP in to wide-grooved loudness – essential listening !!   If you like this please go and grab yourself the first 2 LPs – the Eno Bootleg (if you can find it) – all the Tom Verlaine solo stuff – and then on an associated sort of link Blank Generation from Richard Hell …   that should annoy the neighbors !

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  1. Funniest line: “I fell into the arms of Venus de Milo”
    Related funniest line by AC/DC: “She had a body like Venus…with arms” from “Touch Too Much”.

  2. I resent the fact that Television is listed under New Wave, and not Punk. I resent it I say.

  3. Perhaps Farmer should simply give you the disc in question to make you feel better.

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