Slave – The Hardness of the World (Cotillion SD 5201) (1977)

After all these years I’m still always hopeful of finding a buried treasure, a five-star quality album, not necessarily valuable, especially one heretofore unknown to me; I suppose it is what drives most diggers of crates. But that hope dims like a 2am coal fire when confronted with elpees like The Hardness of the World by Dayton, Ohio’s Slave. A senseless and boring Prog-Funk album, with all the negative connotations that implies and the worst excesses of both genres (all chops, no chunes, fussy arrangement, etc.) cancelling out any good in either. Maybe they were exciting live.

Call it Career-Choice Funk by people who literally ask God to bless them “for having such wonderful parents”.

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  1. i guess you’re especially bummed by the Ohio connection. still, nice sleeve..

  2. I suppose the fact that everything *looked* right made the reality that much harder to deal with.

  3. In 1972 when Indianapolis vocal group The Embers merged with Crimson Tide Amnesty was born into a cauldron of politics and funk. Locally Amnesty opened up for groups like Kool The Gang Jackson Five and Bill Withers.

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