The Krankies Go To Hollywood

I couldn’t actually face buying this, but couldn’t resist taking a quick photo in the shop, just to prove that I hadn’t hallucinated it.

As I recall, the funniest thing about The Krankies was that, off-stage, ‘Wee Jimmy’ and ‘his’ ‘dad’ Ian were secretly fucking each other. Now, how many other British comedy double acts can make that claim? Creepy stuff!

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  1. The Two Ronnies were also lovers and of approximately the same size ratio as the Krankies. As are Baddiel and Skinner. Don’t know about Little & Large or Cannon & Ball though.

  2. impressed by your knowledge of crap brit comedy teams, asbo. spotted eddie large shopping at the mall last xmas.
    ps.two ronnies obv. not crap.

  3. I have been here 15 years as of this month, after all.

    Also meant to comment on the controversial precedent of posting albums you *didn’t* thrift–what next, me posting a White Album #005 that I didn’t buy at Cat Protection League?

    Finally, I wonder did the Krankies stay in character/costume for extra horniness during their jook sessions.

  4. point #1: true, but i haven’t seen the krankies or cannon & ball in the media much during the past 15 years. figured the british public were trying to forget they ever existed.

    point #2: well i just made up a new rule. if you found it, held it and took a pic (before coming to your senses and putting the bloody thing back in the crate where it belongs), you can put it on the blog. and no fucking way did u ever find a white album #005, nor would u ever have passed on such a thing,

    point #3 don’t even go there. its stuff like that keeps me awake at night

  5. fucks sake – this record is worth £8-£10 on discogs. gonna go back and bag it next week. sell it on for a quick profit..

  6. I don’t trust ebay or discogs for valuation anymore. i got a sealed j. jocko “that’s the song” Lp that goes for decent money even in good condition (£20-£30 +); i’ve put it up on ebay starting at £9.99–damn thing hasn’t shifted in 3 10-day tries!

  7. out of curiosity looked up this album on discogs for the tracklisting – looks like there’s a great find for cod-reggae collectors in the shape of “reggae love song”… maybe that’s why it’s priced at close to a tenner!

    asbo: your wonderment on the “off -duty” krankies is (to use your vernacular) gross, but on the other hand the mere thought of it makes me crack up! aren’t you glad you moved to good old blighty?

    ps – don’t forget about morecambe and wise sleeping in a double bed together…

  8. This presumably means it’s also ok to talk about records I have been in the same (car boot) field as. A few weeks ago a certain St Nicks Market record shop owner pulled a record out of his swag bag and said “this looks interesting, doesn’t it?”. Obscure private press UK early 70s folky looking thing. I agreed it looked very interesting. Turned out it was this:

    He paid 20p for it!

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