I Didn’t Buy It Because It Was Too Expensive For A Charity Shop

This Mickey Newbury Lp was £9 at PSDA shop in Derby yesterday (I’ve been getting around this summer!) and I wasn’t having it. Eko, Farmer, what have you seen for too much money lately and passed on? Please edit this post with your results. Anyone else, comment at will.
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  1. You should see some of the prices in London. I think they’ve started to erroneously believe that vinyl records are intrinsically valuable. Saw first Led Zeppelin album in an Oxfam recently. Cover, OKish, record scratched way beyond the point of unplayability. £10.

  2. I think you’re right about misguided intrinsic value. It’s also a lack of imagination–“hmmm this Zep is unplayable, therefore it’s of no value to a collector or anyone else for that matter. Put it out at 50p, someone will buy it for the cover.”

    Thing is: nobody’s going to buy it and the ostensible beneficiaries lose out.

  3. soft machine II in reasonably good condition but with no sleeve – £7
    beatles rubber soul – £45!! (not even sure if it was an original 60s pressing)
    mint condition bruce spingsteen born in the usa – £27 WTF?!?!

  4. In a charity shop?

  5. yup.

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  7. […] This was not the same record alluded to here. Like this:LikeBe the first to like this post. Published […]

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