The Freeman String Symphoniser featuring Ken Freeman – Electronic Philharmonic (1973) (Ad-Rhythm ARPS-8004)

I swore to myself that, if this Ken Freeman was shite, it would be the last silly sythesiser record I would buy. Well, it is shite: pop songs and a few hokey originals with a live rhythm section and the melodic swoosh of the titular “string symphoniser“, not very spacey or interesting.

However, it’s worth something relatively substantial, at least according to Vinyl Searcher, so perhaps I’ll sell it on and buy just one more silly synthesiser Lp. It was only £1 at Age UK in Hythe, after all.

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  1. a fantastic sleeve design (presumably inspired by bridget riley?) featuring the futuristic font that was all the rage at the time (noticeable for its use in “diamonds are forever” that i’ve just watched yet again on itv) – in contrast to the awful ageing-hippy-in-afghan-coat-and-fishing-hat rear! the original tracks have some interesting titles – shame they don’t appear to live up to expectations…

    regarding string synths: the first synth i played in bands was an italian one called the “sielorchestra”, acquired from a really naff south coast chainstore called “minns music” that normally sold rubbish like cheap spanish acoustic guitars with mile-high action, and bontempi and kimball “home” organs (those of a certain vintage may remember the cheesy ads: “one kimball, two fingers and five minutes is all you need!”)… anyway, not surprisingly said synth was pretty limited and what few sounds it offered were generally lame (the “piano” patch sounded vaguely like a piano…. if you happened to be playing one with the mute pedal pressed down ha ha), but in its defence the string patch was magnificent – at least comparable to if not better than the string sounds on the rolands, korgs and suchlike that i played in later years…

  2. i’d buy that for a dollar…

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