Nick Lowe – Jesus of Cool (Radar RAD1) (1978)

Right, let’s quantify this thing: Of the eleven tracks on Jesus of Cool, I already own seven on the comps 16 All-Time Lowes and Nick’s Knacks; another (“Shake & Pop”) is a reworking of the single “They Called It Rock”, also on Lowes; and while the “Heart of the City” included here is the breakneck live Rockpile version, not the studio take found on the aforementioned Lowes, I have the very same recording with Dave Edmunds lead vox wiping the composer’s on Tracks On Wax; leaving the Kiss-like “Music For Money” and the gorgeous beat pop ballad “Tonight” the only all-new songs. Giving half credit to “Shake” and a quarter credit to “Rock”, at £2.99 that works out to £1.08 per each new/partially new song. Still worth it, I reckon, for those songs, the title itself and my own completist fetishism.

And there’s this typically amusing inner sleeve, which looks like the late Barney Bubbles’ doing.

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  1. i seem to recall they had to release this album (or at least a slightly different version of it) with a different title in the states as they thought you septics with your bible belt and billy graham and all might be rather offended by it…?

  2. Yes, it was called Pure Pop For Now People in the US (still not a bad title) and was slightly re-jigged track-wise.

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