Crosby, Stills & Nash (1969)

And in other CSN news….


Walrus tusked David Crosby spent the weekend baby-sitting his grandchildren Ben, 9 and Melissa, 11, regaling them with tales of the various ways he’s let his freak flag fly. These include sex with multiple partners simultaneously, growing his hair quite long and bushy, onstage paranoid rants about the Warren Commission report into the Kennedy assassination and keeping a handgun spring-loaded in the glove compartment of his car while driving high on PCP.


Bitter at his self-betrayal, Stephen Stills is suing himself on grounds of negligence for allowing himself to take second billing in Crosby, Stills and Nash. “Ahmet [Ertegun] told me we needed a two-syllable name upfront and, like a fool, I believed him.” Experts estimate the cost of damage to Stills’ ego at around a hundred thousand million billion dollars.


Graham Nash is selling his Hawaiian property. He identified its main selling points: “It’s got two cats in the yard, flowers in a vase and windows illuminated by fiery gems of sunshine.”

“Basically, it’s a fine house,” the estwhile Hollie trilled, adding, “A very, very, very fine fucking house.”

No prizes for guessing which of CSN eventually went bald.

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  1. back in the early 80’s i was playing synth in a very contemporary-sounding band, along with a bass player who unlike me was into old rock stuff from the 60’s and 70’s – at that point i was very much listening to post-disco and electro-dance, so in the arrogance of youth i constantly engaged in slagging off his musical taste despite not having heard a lot of it (including CS&N who i dismissed as “boring old hippy shit!”)

    then one night i went around to his flat after a gig and against my protests he insisted on playing this album, and as we listened whilst relaxing with recreational substances i had to admit it was actually pretty good – in fact so good that i swallowed my pride and got him to make me a copy on tape! it has since become one of my favourite albums and for a long time influenced my own songwriting efforts – guinnevere is a particular favourite and in fact were i ever pushed to name a top ten of all time it would have to take up a berth! (not sure about miles davis’ treatment of it though…)

    regarding the name of the band, i know princeasbo is being facetious but i’m still sure there’s more than an element of truth to what he’s implying (after all, when stills formed his own band, he couldn’t just call it “manassas” – oh no, it had to be known as “stephen stills’ manassas”!). considering the egos involved (well, graham nash apart – to paraphrase the old spinal tap joke, he seems very much the lukewarm water between the fire and ice of the others ha ha!) it seems surprising that they used their own names rather than a band one (however, according to wikipedia, in perhaps another show of ego they chose not to use a band name so that in the event any of them left the band couldn’t carry on – unlike the bands they had played in before!)… contrary to the prince’s theory, i once read a biography according to which, the order of names was decided as that was what sounded best tripping off the tongue, although to me the choice on that basis would be “nash, stills and crosby”… like “stock, aitken and waterman” ha ha! (note pete waterman was happy to appear last in the credits, despite being the governor and having an ego the size of texas!)

    in case anyone doesn’t know the story of why they don’t appear “in order” on the front cover: when they took that shot outside the abandoned shack the name order had yet to be decided, but after it was and they returned to take more pics in the “right order” they discovered the shack had been flattened! however because they loved the pic they had already taken so much they decided to go ahead and use it anyway despite being in “the wrong order” – to compensate, they had the pic of them in the fur coats (in correct order this time) used as the inner gatefold shot…

  2. I can imagine, under the right circumstances, e.g. those cited by W’force, rating CS&N much higher than I do here. I appreciate that I’m swimming against the critical tide, but, only partly due to my prejudging, there’s something intangible that leaves me a trifle cold–whereas I feel nothing but warthm for the Crosby-era Byrds, Nash-era Hollies and B. Springfield’s second Lp.

    And they look so smug in those fur coats.

  3. […] here, I bought better condition and/or more interesting, earlier issues of the debuts of both CSN and Swingle Singers, all for 50p each. Actually, this is the third time I’ve picked up Otis […]

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