David Bowie – Lodger (RCA BOW LP 1) (1979)

Another Lp from the summer’s roving in Cornwall, this one from the same bootfair as the recently discussed Earth, Wind & Fire. Despite the presence of the hits “D.J.” and “Boys Keep Swinging”, I’ve always considered Lodger the runt of Bowie’s Eno/Berlin trilogy litter, like a series of outtakes from the records immediately previous and subsequent. Indeed, when I was quite busy buying the Ryko Bowie re-issues back in the early 90s, I didn’t even bother with it (or Pin Ups–which I also got on vinyl recently–or Man Who Sold the World).

So, time for a reassessment.

In short, it may be better than I remember, but it still sounds kind of half-assed, a (with hindsight) obvious stepping stone from Low/“Heroes”‘s atmospherics to the more earthy Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps). As an experiment, it fails as often as it succeeds: “African Night Flight”‘s tumble of words sounds annoying and pretentious, while the Neu!-plundering “Red Sails” neatly updates a motorik drone with eastern European folk touches.

Still, it’s all recognisably late 70s Bowie music, in a mint sleeve, for 2 pounds. It can’t be bad, can it?

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  1. absolutely love this lp – scary monsters was the last bowie record I bought – man who sold the world was my repeat-play thing during punk – as happens !!!

  2. It’s a broad church, this Thrifty Vinyl, able to accommodate all sorts of alternative tastes.

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