Daryl Hall and John Oates – No Goodbyes (Atlantic K50347) (1977)

Hello?….Oh, nuthin’ I’m just hanging out on the tinted cover of a Hall and Oats record looking vaguely 1920s or something….It’s funny, you’d never know it was a greatest hits album from the cover, I mean it doesn’t say All The Hits or anything and No Goodbyes certainly isn’t suggestive of a compilation….No, it’s not one of those shitty budget label before-they-were-famous collections….Well, actually there’s a see-through “The Best of Hall & Oates” sticker, but even that’s kinda misleading given they’re on RCA now and this record only has stuff from ’72 to ’76….something like, I don’t know, a subtitle The Atlantic Years might have been helpful….But I expect Atlantic are trying to sucker recent converts, not that it’s a bad record….Mmm-mmm….There’s three each from War Babies and Abandoned Luncheonette, one from Whole Oates and three previously unreleased songs recorded in 1973 with Arif Mardin….Oh, you know, like Todd without all the bullshit….Yeah, it’s more Spinners* than you’d expect with a few singer-songwriter moves….yeah, it probably was Oates, ha, ha….well, for one thing, there are several songs that use the word “lady”….yeah, I know, but it is the 70s….Of course I can introduce you, but watch out, John will offer a “hilarious” mustache ride….well, he acts like it’s a joke, but I think he’s serious….mmm-kay….alright….mmm-bye.

*They seem to be cropping up a lot lately.

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  1. one of the few H&O albums i don’t have. though i’m sure i have all the tunes elsewhere. odd-looking collection, without doubt..

  2. As the pretty lady on the phone implied, the album was compiled by Atlantic to cash in on the duo’s subsequent success at RCA. The three previously unreleased songs are: “It’s Uncanny”, “I Want To Know You For A Long Time” and “Love You Like A Brother”.”Brother” and “Uncanny” are available on H&O 4 cd box set Do What You Want (2009). “I Want to Know” and “Uncanny” were on an ugly looking comp called The Atlantic Collection (1996).
    NB: Updated after Wiki trawl.

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