Nina and Frederik (Columbia SEG 7926) (1960)


It’s okay. They’re going. The storm has passed.

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  1. apparently, frederik (who with partner nina was recently featured in a bbc doc about blighty’s relationship with “world music”) had a rather unusual career trajectory, switching from cod-calypso singing to drug-trafficking (as a result of which he suffered a violent and untimely demise, allegedly at the hands of one of his shady associates)…

    btw, i don’t know if this was done because of the cover art concept, but the full-colour back cover was most unusual for the time – presumably to save costs, LP’s issued in those “flipback sleeve” days normally had black and white rears…

    oh yes, to really make the concept work properly, perhaps N&F should have been the other way around on the back?

  2. Yes, this was posted purely for the Aryan race evoking cover; the music, needless to say, is pants.

  3. […] second Lp from Age UK this a.m., where I skipped on a good looking Nina and Friedrik album despite its being on Atco. I simply didn’t have the […]

  4. Sidesprang er en tema som er litt vanskelig å snakke om.
    Om du skal bytte på å pule i rumpa og i musa, så ha på kondom og bytt
    mellom hver gang. Er du av den spontane typen eller kansje bare kjempe kåt.

    • Obvious troll is obvious.

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