Terry Snyder and the All Stars – Persuasive Percussion Volume 2 (Command/La Voix de son Maitre FCLP 75008) (1960)

When I was 13 I bought Persuasive Percussion (1959) at the Mount Vernon Goodwill Store. I liked the heavy cardboard laminated gatefold cover (by Josef Albers, no less) and even more I liked the l’air distingue of the idea of what I imagined it to be: This is debonaire, or so I thought, and I wanted to buy into it (for 25 cents). In fact, I never quite warmed to the Lp which I recall as too easy listening for a teenager, even one with pretensions of sophistication. At some point I lost the record, though still pined for its cover and 50s elegance, so I snapped a VG cond. Volume 2 (cover, after Albers, by Barbara Jean Brown) post-haste when spotted today at the Hospice chaz in the Westgate area of Canterbury.

If Esquivel is a ten on the kooky scale, Terry & co. fall in the middle range with most of the ga-ga-ness coming in the form of some virtuosic xylophone and percussion (by Snyder himself), not electronics. I can imagine this playing in the background of a Flintstones episode in which Barney goes to a night club to buy reefer.

Please to note this a French issue (through French HMV) with a thin matte finish sleeve, not the heavy-duty America laminated gatefold jobbie.

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