Hawkwind – Hall of the Mountain Grill (UAG 29672) (1974)


(Columbus, Ohio)  After listening to Hall of the Mountain Grill by Hawkwind, local hippie and part-time North campus laundromat employee Noah “Tokes” Tockington has claimed that the British progressive rock group conceptualised, composed, produced and performed their 1974 Edvard Grieg referencing fourth studio album under the influence of the powerful hallucinogenic drug Lysergic Acid Diethylamide.

“Oh yeah,” elaborated the lank haired and tie-dye shirted Tockington, “the ‘Wind must have totally been on acid when they did that Mountain record.”

Tockington reported his fairly obvious statement, which is bound to create little stir among the music community, subsequent to acquiring the album because the Barney Bubbles sleeve “looks like some freaky 1930s spaceship crash landed in Lake Erie” for “around a buck and a half” at a Columbus thrift store. He remains unsure about precisely which thrift store it was as he was “tripping [his] nuts off” at the time of purchase.

“Whoa!” he added appreciatively, while positively reeking of patchouli.

“And I’m sure I’ve seen that the back cover somewhere before.”

Mountain Grill's back cover by artist David Hardy

Local music writer Clifford Snoats concurred only insofar as Hawkwind “sounded like ‘Roxy Music meets Pretty Things on acid,'” but that “it would be presumptuous to say they were actually on LSD-25 unless you’d tripped with them [while they were making the album].”

Snoats went on and on, “While the extensive use of Mellotron and group improvisation featured on Mountain Grill is certainly a hallmark of music influenced by and created to enhance a psychoactive drug experience, the aggressive power chords on songs like ‘Psychedelic Warlords’ and ‘Lost Johnny’ are more suggestive of amphetamine use rather than entheogens.”

Meanwhile, “Tokes”, suddenly distracted by the oldies AM radio crackling in the background at the laundromat, made a further revelation: “Man, that Andy Williams was on acid when he did that ‘boys watch the girls watch the boys watch the girls go by’ song. What a mind-fuck!”

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