Neneh Cherry – Raw Like Sushi (Circa 8)(1989)

LAST NIGHT A RECORD CHANGED MY LIFE                     This week veteran television actor Richard Wilson evinces mad love for Neneh Cherry’s debut Lp

 By Richard Wilson

“I don’t believe it!”

That was my weekly jibber-jabber on TV medical drama One Grave Foot. But I tell you what you best be believin’ is the serious props I be givin’ Raw Like Sushi. Back in the day, when me and the rest of the Wild Bunch crew was all hangin’ at the Dug Out off Park Row near Clifton, you know, jus’ buggin’, gettin’ hassles by Babylon for smokin’ skunk and sellin’ bones to the students, we all had our musics that we liked. I was the reggae kid, Mushroom [Adrian Vowels] was down with the beats, Nellee [Hooper] was like the number one B-Boy, G [Grant Marshall] well knew his reggae, the cats from Portishead listened to fusion and shit, Miles [Johnson] liked all kinds, jazz, soul, funk, hip hop, you name it and Tricky Kid be tuggin’ on everyone shirtsleeves, stoned, askin’ for a riddim to voice.

We was just dossers, really, but Neneh had had a lickle taste of the spotlight in Run Rip + Panic, so when she asked me and Miles out to Japan for some fashion show she was doin’ with some dudes from Face magazine, we thought, you know, “Why not?” When we got there, we was all too cool for school and stood around behind the decks, frownin’, arms folded, shades on (mainly to hide our red eye ‘cos of the weed–ha, ha!). Neneh was like: “Y’all be buggin’ in some kinda Bison Posture.” And I say, “Girl, this more like a Buffalo Stance,” and damn if she didn’t make up a hit rekkid right there.

When her album hit, we be like, man, the Bristol sound be goin’ outernational!  3D [Robert Del Naja] and Mushroom helped out and suddenly them and Nellee be hot property. The whole scene changed. Crazy times. Nowadays, it sound pretty tame, you know, like Don fuckin’ Henley “Boys In Summer” or some old shit, an’ her flow ain’t all that, but back then we thought it was, like, cuttin’ edge.

“I don’t believe it!” is what you say when I tell you I used to fancy Miss Cherry. Yeah, I know I be queer as them three pound note, but that one picture on the back of the Sushi album where  you see the line of hair creepin’ out the top of her leather skirt goin’ up to her belly button, man, that do something to me. She about the only one that could have turned me into a breeder.

Next week Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper explains how Glenn Campbell’s Gentle On My Mind album simply rocked her world.

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