Buzz Rabin – Cross Country Cowboy (Elektra 75076) (1974)

Pull up a stool son and set a spell, lemme tell yew mah story…can I gitchoo a drank? Yew wanna cheroot?…well, it all started when that Pete Drake…huh? uh, he’s a producer and pedal steel player…he done some pickin’ on that All Thangs Mus’ Pass record album by Beatle George. Well, him and ol’ Ringo, who’s a-drummin’ on that record album, got to be best buds and ‘fore yew know it, they’s in Nashville makin’ another record album. Pete comes to me and says, “Buzz,” that’s my name by the way, Buzz Rabin, “Buzz,” he says, “We need a title track for this here record album.” And I goes, “How’s ’bout ‘Beaucoups [editor: pronounced boo-koos] of Blues’? That’s a good song for yer Limey friend to sang.” And dam’ if they didn’t up and do it.

Well, I starts to writin’ songs for ever’body in country music then and perty soon my buddy, Russ Miller, says you’s a perty good sanger, Buzz, you should be fixin’ to make yer own record album and git ol’ Pete to hep yew make it. So we did. Me and Pete decided to make it a concep’ album about life on the road with lil’ bits o’ what I calls “travelin’ music” in between the songs, you know, fast country stuff, with the title track openin’ the album an’ a reprise of it at the end, jus’ like Sgt. Pepper’s or Venus and Mars.  Yuh see, Ol’ Willie ditn’t make the firs’ country music concep’ album–Buzz Rabin did! Had him beat by a year, I did [editor: Willie Nelson’s Red Headed Stranger (1975)]. Heh, heh. Yeah, that Cross Country Cowboy‘s professionally performed, typical country music with the typical chord changes and typical subjec’ matter [editor: drinking, women, Jesus]. Took the pitchure on the cover at T.G.I. Friday’s [editor: true]. It’s a perty good album and I ain’t a bad singer, jus’ mebbe a little characterless. I wonder why I done never made another record or why I don’ have me an entry in Wikipedia. Anyhoo, I bought me some fancy suede duds and a leather vest with the record album advance, so it ain’t all bad.

Say, can I gitchoo anothuh drank?

[editor: I paid 50p for this US pressing of Cross Country Cowboy at an animal charity shop in Deal, Kent.]

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